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These terms and conditions are applicable to the bicycle rental service offered by I AM BIKE - Tourist Express Amsterdam.

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

a) Rental company: Tourist Express Amsterdam, trading as I AM BIKE.

b) Customer: the natural person or legal entity who, on behalf of a group, concludes the agreement for the I AM BIKE rental service.

c) Agreement: the agreement whereby the rental company provides a bike subject to payment, without staff member and for a predetermined duration to the customer.

d) Bike: the 4 wheel bikes of the rental company including its belongings and related gear which are being used by the customer as part of the rental agreement.

2. General

1) The rental company rents bikes for a day or parts thereof. In all cases the bikes must be returned to the rental store before sunset, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2) The minimum age to rent and / or manage a bike at the rental company is 18 years.

3) It is forbidden to ride or make use of the rental company’s bike under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, abiding to the road traffic rules.

4) No trash may be thrown from the bike and should always be placed in the garbage bins on the streets or at the rental store.

5) The bike should be kept clean at all times. Stains on the benches will be handled as damages to the bike.

6) The customer must ensure that there are as few inconveniences as possible for others on the bicycle lanes and for residents. Live music and / or electrically enhanced music is not allowed.

7) At dusk, it is mandatory to use the supplied light visually.

8) It is not allowed to leave the bike unattended.

9) In very bad weather (continuous rain, storm), the rental company reserves the right to dissolve the agreement immediately (or partially) to avoid damage to the bike. In that case the rental company will compensate the customer for half of the shortened time period.

10) The rental company can immediately terminate the agreement and immediately return the bike if the customer does not comply with the terms and conditions. The customer is then also required to pay the full rental price over the predetermined rental period.

3. Bicycle lanes and rules

1) Customers must make sure to stay on the right of the public roads and cycle lanes to enable other traffic to overtake. Customers are strongly advised to follow the indicated route as supplied by I AM BIKE.

2) For the 'four person group bike' there is a forbidden area reaching from the Eastern Vondelparc exit to the Rijksmuseum and above, which should be avoided at all times. The fine for accessing the forbidden area is 15.000 euro.

3) It is forbidden to cycle through pedestrian areas, such as the Albert Cuyp market, all main shopping streets as well as a large part of the red light district. The map shown at the store at the beginning of the rental period indicates reported areas. Furthermore there are several streets with one-way traffic which needs to be taken into account.

4) Any fines following from disobedience of traffic rules and regulations are at the customer’s expense.

5) Customers must comply with the Dutch Regulations.

6) The principal rules of conduct will be explained to the customer at the start of the rental period.

4. Obligations of rental company

1) At commencement of the rental period, the rental company transfers the bike to the customer.

2) The rental company indicates before the start of the rental period any existing damage to the bike and stipulates this in writing.

5. Obligations of customer

1) The customer will use the bike in accordance to its purpose, in a careful and safe way at all times.

2) The customer will not sublease or handover the bike to another (group of) person(s) without written consent of the rental company.

3) The customer needs to check if there is any damage which has not been reported by the rental company. If that is the case, the customer should inform the rental company at the start of the rental period.

4) Should the customer fail to reach the planned end time for any reason, the customer will inform the rental company at least 30 minutes before the rental period ends, in case the bike will be back more than 15 minutes later than the agreed time. The extension of the rental period will be charged per 15 minutes, according to the hourly rate of the bike. No penalty applies in case customer informs rental company on time and approval is granted by the rental company..

5) The customer must make sure the bike is returned before sunset, unless otherwise agreed. In case the customer does not return the bike to the rental location store before the end of day, the deposit of €100 will be fully charged.

6. Liability of Damage

1) In case of damages or accidents, the customer should contact the rental company as soons as possible.

2) The customer is liable for all damage to the bike as well as for damage caused by him and/or the group to a third party.

3) In the event of loss, theft of or severe damage to the bike, the customer is fully liable for the damage suffered by the rental company for a (maximum) amount of €1200. Damage to the bike itself can be insured via the rental company, as described in Article 7.

4) In case customer does not comply with the obligations under these terms and conditions and costs and/or fines are incurred by the rental company due to complaints, (consequential) damage or claims from third parties arising from the customer’s misconduct, the customer is fully liable for these costs.

5) The rental company cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage of any kind caused for any reason at the start, during or as a consequence of renting a bike from the rental company. Damage as described above comprises of both direct and consequential damage. An exception is the statutory obligation for compensation due to demonstrable intent or gross negligence of (any staff member of) the rental company. The statutory compensation paid by the rental company will be the maximum amount for which the rental company is compensated by its liability insurance for that specific incident.

6) Children (up to 18 years) are under the responsibility of the parents.

7. Insurance

!) The rental company offers customers the option to insure themselves against damages to the bike. The insurance covers expenses arising from damages to bike that are the result of the regular usage of the bike during the rental period according to these terms and conditions. With insurance the excess / own-risk amount is €0.

2) Insurance rates are the following;

a) For 2 person bikes: < 2 hours €4, > 2 hours €6,50

b) For 4 person bikes: <2 hours €7,50, > 2 hours €12,50

3) Loss or theft of the bike and damage to (other) persons or other vehicles is not included in the above mentioned insurance coverage and is always at own risk of the customer.

8. Reservations

1) Making reservations for one or more bikes is possible via the internet or by telephone. Reservations are valid only after confirmation by the rental company in writing.

2) Payment will be made before the start of the rental period by creditcard or cash at the rental company’s store.

3) In case of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance of a confirmed reservation or in the absence of the customer on the reserved date and time, the customer is liable for the entire rental amount and the customer is not entitled to an alternative rental.

4) If the customer does not contact the rental company before the start of the rental period and is more than 1 hour later than the agreed time of arrival, the customer is liable for the entire rental fee and the rental company is entitled to rent the bike to another customer. The customer is not entitled to an alternative rental.

5) If a reserved bike is not available at the agreed place within 1 hour after the start of the reserved rental period and the rental company cannot offer the customer a reasonable alternative, the customer is entitled to compensation for the agreed rental amount unless the rental company informs the customer at least two hours before the agreed time. The customer is not entitled to any additional (damages) compensation.

6) When the customer hands in the bike earlier at the rental location than the agreed end time of the rental period, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the paid rental amount or part thereof.

7) Rental at the rental company’s store without reservation is also possible. Upfront payment will occur as described above.

8) Before the rental agreement can be concluded a deposit needs to be provided by the customer. There are two options:

a) cash deposit of €100 and showing valid proof of identity, or

b) copy of creditcard and showing valid proof of identity

The deposit paid by the customer in combination with a copy of the identification is valid as a guarantee. If the agreement has been concluded in accordance with the agreed terms and no damage has been identified, the deposit will be returned immediately after the rental period.

9. Personal data and privacy

1) Personal data of the customer will be processed by the rental company according to the Dutch Data Protection Act (‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’) and upcoming AVG regulation based on the GDPR which comes into effect as of May 25th, 2018.. By processing personal data the rental company can carry out the agreement and provide customer with required information.

2) Personal data will not be used for (direct) mailings nor shared with third parties.

3) Copies of personal data, such as creditcard and/or identity card copies will be removed from the rental company’s system within one week after the rental period is concluded and no disputes have arisen.

4) The rental company is entitled to remotely track the location of its bikes and to make use of this information if deemed relevant..

10. Complaints and disputes

1) In case of complaints, the customer must inform the rental company in writing within one week of the rental date, with detailed explanation of the complaint.

2) The rental agreement is governed by Dutch law. Only the competent court in Amsterdam is entitled to settle any disputes.