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How it works

You can reserve a bike tour in advance or walk into our store, as you prefer! If you come straight from the airport we even have a secure luggage storage facility at our store.

Just tell us with how many persons you are and what kind of cycling route you prefer and we will explain you everything you need to know about cycling in Amsterdam! 
In some parts of the center it can be quite hectic but with our customized routes you will be guaranteed of a comfortable journey. We also have a great countryside tour for more sightseeing and a more relaxed cycle.
Via your phone or tablet you will follow the indicated route which shows you information about highlights along the way.

There is no need to be connected to the internet during the tour, just make sure you have a charged phone at the start!

Frequently asked questions

Are we accompanied by a guide? Nope, you will be your own guide! With help from your phone of course, making sure that when the tour is over you know more about Amsterdam than most of its locals ;)

At what time does the tour start daily? Anytime you like!! No need to be at our shop at a specific time, our bike tours start any time you like all day long!

Can we do a cycling tour when it rains? Yes of course! Our bikes are Dutch weatherproof! The roof will keep your upper body part dry and we will provide you with a qualitative waterproof poncho to protect your cloths from the rain as well.. ;)

Can kids join as well? Yes of course! Our bike tours are for the whole family! For the little ones our bicycles have two safe children seats in the front with straps and for kids between the age of 4 to 12 they can sit on one of the benches (not actually cycling) next to one of the parents, or in between, even behind one of the steering wheels. Lots of fun guaranteed!

I barely have cycling skills, is that a problem? Not at all. Because all of our bikes have 4 wheels you cannot tip over which makes it a very safe way of transportation. You need to have a normal physical condition because cycling means always some degree of exercise. You don't need to be very well trained to enjoy our bikes as the Netherlands is known for its flat surface but especially in Amsterdam there will be some small parts uphill, for example on the canal bridges.

Are there any traffic rules? Yes there are rules in Amsterdam ;) It is forbidden to cycle through pedestrian areas such as shoppingstreets and some streets are one way traffic. Any traffic fines are at your own expense. Therefore we strongly advise you to follow the indicated route and to stay on the right of the public roads and cycle lanes to enable other traffic to overtake. Also keep in mind that at least one person needs to keep an eye on the road at all times, especially when another person is navigating.